An In Depth Look At The Samsung Galaxy M01


Samsung Galaxy S is the latest member in the Samsung Galaxy family. The phone comes with a great variety of features packed in it that makes it a great deal for all age groups. The Samsung Galaxy S comes with a beautiful five-inch Super AMOLED touch screen that has a resolution of 720 x vertical and the curved screen that matches its look. Along with this, the Samsung Galaxy S comes with a powerful chipset paired with quad-core processors, Adreno id engine, Exynon ODE chip, and lots of memory space. With this, you can be assured of smooth performance.

One of the most impressive features of the Samsung galaxy m01 is its high definition video camcorder. The rear camera has been a typical cell phone affair with digital zoom, image stabilization, panoramic images and other standard video recording features. The front-mounted image processing camera has yet another fantastic feature – optical image stabilization. This helps to reduce the amount of camera movement and blurring. This allows you to get crystal clear images even in low lighting situations. samsung galaxy m01

The Samsung galaxy m01 also comes with a powerful professional camera set-up. It comes with a standard lens and zoom lens as well as a wide angle lens that comes in manual focus modes as well as an automatic focus one. There is a dedicated auto shot button that allows the user to perform an automatic photo click and save a target image or automatically capture a moving object. In addition, the device comes with a built-in target indicator that helps you determine the best image from a series of captured shots.

Apart from the Samsung galaxy m01, there is another smartphone in the market with a high resolution camera. This device is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro which has a 13mp camera. The rear camera has a single tone LED flash and comes with OVC mode. The OVC mode of the Samsung device allows the user to shoot in high definition video at the highest shutter speed and manual mode. There are different cameras available in the market for a variety of requirements including professional ones.

The Samsung galaxy m01 also offers the standard features including text messaging, internet access, music playing, picture viewing, video recording and Internet browser. Apart from these features, it has the usual features that come standard on most modern smartphones. The Samsung device is available with various colors including blue, grey, silver and gold. The colors help users to blend in with their surroundings better and make for an effective and stylish device.

Samsung has once again created a winner with the Samsung galaxy m01 smartphone. It has once again offered a powerful device that caters to different needs. Users have appreciated this smartphone from its time to time. This handset does not have many limitations and it offers all that an android device should offer. This handset is perfect for someone who wants to make the most of their mobile experience.

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