Booking Your Wedding on New Year’s Eve

Every year many people ask themselves, “What are we going to do for New Year’s Eve?”. Have you ever considered hosting your wedding on this special occasion? At first, you may be a bit skeptical but if you look at some of the reasoning behind it, it may start to make more sense and be exactly what you are looking for. visit:-new year desktop background 2022

New Year’s Eve is considered one of the biggest nights of the year to party. Ladies can’t wait to shop for that evening dress, special shoes and get their hair done. For many, it’s the one event that they actually don’t mind spending money on and want to look their best.

It is a profitable evening for many restaurants, theatres, and banquet facilities that offer a N.Y.E. dinner/dancing package. They usually charge premium prices which is not uncommon and guests know they will be paying a little more than usual. New dress, new shoes, looking for a night out, willing to pay a little more….sounds like a perfect time to have a wedding reception doesn’t it?

Many people take their vacation over the Holidays and some companies give their employees a 1/2 day off on New Years Eve so it’s a perfect day for your guests to have time to get ready and attend both ceremony and reception. As I mentioned earlier they will be looking for something to do on NYE anyways so by getting that wedding invitation from you they will be excited to mark that on their calendar. Now, you have just kept them from searching for something to do to ring in the New Year.

See if the venue you have selected has a TV to use or ask if you can bring one in for all guests to watch the Midnight countdown. Just prior to the countdown, ask your venue’s catering manager to ensure the party favors and glasses of champagne are ready to go. Just picture all your guests standing together counting down to midnight and yelling “Happy New Year”. At least you will know almost everyone when you start giving out those kisses!! Now, that sounds like fun and think of the wonderful memories you and your guests will have.

Most people are off the following day so it will also give your family a chance to be together again reminiscing over the night. If you can, try to book your honeymoon a couple days later so you have some time not only to visit with family but pack your suitcase. Some of the best deals for travel are in early January so that’s a perfect time to get away.

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