Cool Ideas to Use Cartoon Character Logo Designs for Your Brand Mark

If you want to make your brand mark unique and appealing, then use animations. Not only can they make your design attractive and eye catching, but they can also convey the right message with only their expressions and body language.

Here are a few ideas with examples to use cartoon character logo designs in your brand mark: 4anime

1. Use Animated Characters:

This is one of the most popular emblem craft styles. Using an illustration in your monogram gives it greater margin for creativity and makes it appealing for people of all ages.

For example:

a) Starbucks’ Mermaid:

The black and white mermaid sketch surrounded by a green border is one of the most popular illustrations in the coffee industry. The small smile on the mermaid’s face is alluring and exotic which is the perfect animation for this coffee corporation.

b) 7-up’s Fido Dido:

Who is not familiar with Fido Dido?

He may not have his own television show, but it is still one of the most popular animated characters to have ever existed. Fido has given 7 up a new personality and has made the beverage appealing to people of all ages.

2. Use Realistic Animated Character:

Another idea is to use comic sketches in your emblem but make the image so realistic that it almost, but not quite, looks like a photograph. It can give you the freedom to alter the body language and expressions in innate objects similar to cartoon drawing but can help the image retain its realism through the almost life like design.



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