Finding the Perfect Toys for Your Cat

Cats and kittens love to play, and it is a very important part of their daily lives. Since cats are predators, almost all cat play is predatory games. Play helps them develop coordination and balance, in addition to stimulating their intellectual development. Keeping active prevents them from getting bored, and the exercise will help your kitty build muscle tone, improve their circulation, and keep him/her from getting overweight. This is particularly true for indoor cats. Scratch and Purr

We need to get our cats stimulated and moving, and a good way to do this is to engage them with a variety of cat toys. There are several different types of toys you can purchase for your cat. Here are a few preferred cat toys.

There are “fishing pole” type interactive toys, in which there is a short pole with a string attached, and at the bottom of the string is a toy for your cat to chase. You can dangle the toy in front of him/her to chase and pounce on. This is a favorite for many cats.

Balls are another popular toy. You can roll the ball across the room and watch how your kitty chases it as it bounces off surfaces. They will also tend to bat the ball around with their paws, and this keeps them entertained for long periods of time.

Small stuffed toys, many of which are made to look like a mouse, with small bells inside, are popular for kitty fun. Watch as they pounce on them, throw them in the air, and bat them around.

Most cats like catnip. There are many cat toys that are stuffed with catnip, which can stimulate your cat and really add to the enjoyment of their play time. Be sure to use organic catnip to be sure to keep your cat safe and healthy.

There are now eco friendly versions of cat toys made in the USA, which is a good choice for your cat. They are made of high quality recycled materials. Imported toys can contain harmful chemicals that can possibly make your kitty ill.

When playing with your cat, go at their pace. Offer them a variety of toys and you will soon find out which is their favorite. Move the toy around as if were prey, and let them pounce on it. You can end the game with a small treat. You and your cat will have great fun!


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