How To Get Backlinks

One of the crucial elements of any sound SEO campaign is backlinks. The right kind of backlinks can help propel a website from mediocrity to top rankings, turning an ordinary website into one that gets substantial traffic. When all of your SEO elements are in place, lots of traffic will lead to achieving your objectives, be it building a list or increased sales.

Backlinks are easy to get once you know the techniques. The techniques are not difficult and once mastered the return on investment can be substantial.

There are many places to look for backlinks and many websites are very accommodating to backlink seekers. The trouble is, every easy backlink comes with potential downsides. Lets look at a few:

Free Backlink Services. Many of these services are springing up on the internet and they are becoming popular. You sign up, enter your keywords and url and your links are created. Typically you need to return to the site once a day to generate another set of links, and there is usually an upsell component.

Here are the problems with these services: 구글상위노출


  • They want you to return daily because this is their way of getting traffic so they are in effect using you for their own objectives.
  • You have no control over where the links end up being placed or in what context. The search engines are getting very savvy at identifying and devaluing these types of links.


Forum Profiles. This is very straightforward. Become a forum member, create your profile, and place your link in the profile. You can even purchase lists of forums for as little as $5.

The problem with this technique is unless you are planning on participating in the forum you are actually just creating a bogus profile that thousands of other people are also doing, so webmasters end up wasting their time scrutinizing these new profiles and end up deleting them as they contribute nothing to their community. You in effect become part of the problem.

Blog Commenting. This is a very good approach and can yield good results for your website. In the name field you can place your keyword. For example, “[email protected] widgets”. Enter your website in the website field. Then add a comment.

There are a couple of problems with this method.

  • Unless you are contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way your comments are not likely to get approved.
  • If your comments are automatically approved, everyone’s comments are automatically approved and this may create a situation where thousands of links can end up on the same page, making the search engines suspicious and likely de-indexing the page, in effect wasting your time.


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