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On Saturday, November eighteenth, the New Moon in Scorpio is the most confounding New Moon of the year. Potential outcomes are unending.  scorpio zodiac sign


Just once every year, we have a New Moon in Scorpio. Just once per year, we get the opportunity to investigate a big motivator for Scorpio: change, transformation, our psyche, what we share with others, for great and for awful. 


The Scorpio season is that season when we need to terms with the pieces of ourselves we keep covered up from others yet. 


There is a ton of Scorpio energy right now in the sky – we have Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all in Scorpio. 


The New Moon happens at 26° Scorpio, so look at your outline to check whether you have any planet or point in the last levels of Scorpio. If you do, then, at that point, this New Moon will address you straightforwardly. 


The New Moon’s nearest viewpoints to different planets are a quincunx to Uranus in Aries and a ternary to Chiron in Pisces. 


However, what makes this New Moon uncommon is the square between Mars and Pluto, which is practically accurate at the hour of the New Moon. 


Why is a square between Mars and Pluto so intriguing? 


Since Mars and Pluto are the two leaders of the New Moon in Scorpio, Mars is the customary ruler, and Pluto is the cutting edge ruler. 


The New Moon in Scorpio is about the epic fight between the old and the new, between our will (Mars) and the incomparable will (Pluto). 


Even though Mars and Pluto ordinarily make a great deal of erosion and strain during this season of the Lunar cycle, when the Moon is undetectable, we will not have the option to communicate this internal pressure. 


When the Moon is undetectable, we don’t want to act; we don’t want to go into the world and manifest what we need. Since there is practically no air energy right now in the sky – our energy, our drive, the feelings we feel so profoundly can’t emerge. 


It takes fire and air to make fire, and when there is no air, we will feel everything like an inward burning motor. 


All that fire, all that energy will burn through you from the inside. There will never be a way out, however, to allow it to consume you from within. 


If something consumes on the outside, you run and look for cover. However, how would you manage the fire inside? What do you do when there is no spot to run? 


The fight you will battle at the hour of the New Moon won’t be direct. You won’t save the world and kill mythical beasts. 


In the corner of the evening, when there is no light to direct you, all it is left to do is look inside. 


This is an ideal opportunity to bring a jump into the hidden world, do what you are generally scared of, and face the results of your activities. 


At the point when you lose confidence, recall what you are here for. The sign that comes after Scorpio, Sagittarius, will give you the pieces of information. 


You are here to be a God yourself. You are here to lead astuteness and experience. When there is no light to direct you, you should keep the confidence. 


The old legend of Orpheus and Eurydice is about the intense love between Orpheus, a Greek God playing the harp, and beautiful sprite Eurydice. The two got hitched and lived cheerfully for some time. 


When Eurydice passed on, Orpheus plunged into the hidden world, ensured by Gods, to discover his wife and resurrect her. Around there, Orpheus met Hades, the God of the invisible world. He played his lyre so beautifully that Hades chose to make an exemption and let him return Eurydice to the living world, under one condition: Eurydice would follow him while leaving the hidden world. However, he ought not to take a gander at her before coming out to the light since he would lose her for all eternity. 


If Orpheus showed restraint enough, he would have Eurydice as a typical lady again close by. 


Orpheus cheerfully concurred. He was driving the exit plan and was attempting to hear Eurydice’s means; however, he could not hear anything. He began to accept that the divine beings had tricked him. 


Indeed, Eurydice was behind him, however, as a shadow. A couple of feet from the leave, Orpheus lost his confidence and went to see; Eurydice was behind him, yet her shadow was rushed back among the dead. Eurydice was gone until the end of time. 


If Orpheus kept his confidence, he might have resurrected Eurydice. However, he didn’t. 


Also, here comes the exercise of Scorpio. When in the hidden world, don’t anticipate seeing. Try not to depend on your considerations, experience, not even on your instinct. In the profundities of the dull, in the background, there’s nothing left but to keep the confidence. 


Is it safe to say that you can completely give up on the dimness? Is it true that you are available to discover reality where you least anticipated that it should be? Is it accurate to say that you are sufficiently bold to relinquish all that you thought to be valid and search for a different sort of truth? 


Odds are, you know the responses to these inquiries – yet you don’t believe yourself enough to acknowledge them. Be that as it may, this is by and large the motivation behind why, consistently, every time the world changes structure, we have a New Moon in Scorpio each time seasons change. The single direction to get to that spot of tribal information is to give up to the obscure. 


Mars square Pluto will request that you acknowledge your standard limit, give up to a higher force, and let it be. 


Mars (your material, common will) versus the heavenly will – who do you think will win? 


The appropriate response isn’t self-evident. The heavenly will needs you to win, as long as you see the 10,000-foot view, as long as you acknowledge the job you play all in all. 


Furthermore, your individual will know there isn’t anything worth battling for, except if it cuts off a higher reason. 


How might you accommodate the two? If you are the kind of individual who likes to force their will, then, at that point, the New Moon will be intense because it will request that you give up to a higher force. 


If you don’t think it’s simple to stand up for yourself, the New Moon will assist you with getting in contact with your inward force. 


The Sabian image for this lunation is “a tactical band marches loudly on through the city roads” – here, once more, we notice the common will (military band) marching in the city roads, an image of the unfamiliar domain. 


The band is loud and attempts to force its plan. Be that as it may, on the city roads, anything can occur. No one can tell what is hanging tight for you at the next corner. 


Our forceful, tense, tyrannical methodology is contrary to the normal immediacy and intuitive change by the idea of ancestral social orders. 


The New Moon in Scorpio isn’t an opportunity to take your fights outside. The most brutal war you will battle – consistently – is with yourself.



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